Sunday, April 01, 2007

Back in LAST!

Doesn't look like much, but believe me, something is better than nothing! And "nothing" has been what's been going on these past couple of months. Winter's late arrival and the "freeze" at the bank, then a vacationing builder and mud so thick...on and on. But this past Monday as I made my ritual drive-by at the end of the day I noticed this man-made pole sticking out of the ground at the corner of our lot - clear, unmistakable evidence that SOMEONE had BEEN THERE and DONE SOMETHING that very day! Sure enough, it was as if this tall electrical pole were a homing beacon, a light house to guide our construction crew through the fog of late winter to our project. And by Wednesday this past week, they had come.
In these two shots you can see the crew working on installing the long central support beam that runs the length of the foundation and will support the floor joists. Again, doesn't look like much but we didn't have long to wait...

This shot and the following are from the next day (Thursday or Friday?) so you can see how quickly they are working. We went back for a peek Saturday evening and they had completed 75-80% of the floor substructure as well as putting down the subflooring. I will have pictures of this in a couple of days.
I like this shot and the next because you can see the site's topography really well. Click on the photos to enlarge them and see what I mean. The site drops off just on the other side of the foundation. This house may not be very big, but it is going to have some GREAT views.

I don't often show this angle in the photos I post because, as you can see, the house right next door dominates the view. (See the top photo too and you'll see the house on the OTHER side.) True, out lot is narrow and we will be nice and cozy with our neighbors, but look back at the previous shots and see how open and unobstructed the south and west facing vistas are. When they first visited the site about a year ago, the architects Jason and Noah recognized this and designed the house to expose most of the interior views to the downhill side, which is the most beautiful and unobstructed. We feel SO fortuate to have snagged this building site! Each time we visit we love it more. Can't wait to start living there!
Hmmm, that temporary support doesn't QUITE sit on top of the concrete footing...

Other news to report: Friday Bud told me to call the trucking company and have them deliver the barn to the site on Wednesday of this week. He thinks they will have the deck complete by then and be ready to being unpacking, sorting, and then setting up the frame! This is the BIG MOMENT, the moment we have been waiting for for SO long. The barn raising. I can't report an exact date yet, but be checking back this week becuase I should have an exact day before too long. We are hoping that anyone who is around will be able to come and witness the big event. Stay tuned!

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