Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Interior shots of standing barn.

All barns are dramatic structures. The exterior often belies what lies within (as in the case in the Sidney barn). When you enter this or any barn, you are met with a sight which invariably causes you to simultaneously look UP and exclaim WOW! This is why I want to live in a barn!


Virginia Jacobsen said...

Hi Ben and Susi!

This is so exciting! Your barn is beautiful. The bones (timber) are perfect and seem to have the perfect patina. Although I have almost had it with construction, your barn makes me want to buy my own. Watch out Eric!

Really. Forget that pied-a-terre in NYC. Give me a converted barn in Vermont!

I am so excited for you guys. How original (I don't know anyone who has a barn) and how artistic (it's a blank canvas!). Just recently, the This Old House Series (yes, I am a construction nerd...) started showing their old story of a barn being converted into a home. If I can manage it between packing boxes, I will copy onto a DVD those shows I have saved. Your barn is much more beautiful than theirs (it's in nearby Concord) but it's always useful to hear someone else's story. One episode walks you through two recently converted barns and I though that it could be helpful.

It's going to be beautiful!!! I can't wait to hear how the space will be divided. In addition to getting a good architect (or interior designer) make sure you get good advice from a lighting expert. A big open space like that needs smart lighting. On, no, here I go...

Congratulations to you both!


AHorse said...

I enjoyed reading through your blog. Thanks, AHorse