Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Going (all the way) up

I got an excited call around mid day today: "There's a triangle up there!" Good news. After a week's worth of rain and soggy timber, finally some activity.

When I drove by the site with my son on the way home from Cub Scouts, this is what we saw. A fully complete barn frame! The roof structure went up in one day ("A LONG day!" Leo reminded me...) and it really completes the picture. The frame now really looks the way it should; it just "feels" right. It felt so good walking around and seeing it from all its angles. There are so many wonderful details - I wish I could capture each one: certain intersections of beams, the joinery, the oak pegs, the web of timbers...I can't wait to show her off to all of you out there.

Sun setting. Once the barn gets completely enclosed we'll never see this great sight again.

From the downhill side the barn appears quite tall - much taller than it looks from the uphill side. And from up in the highest loft looking down it seems even higher. It's pretty dramatic.

We climbed up a series of ladders and then up onto the temporary scaffolding erected by the crew (the "catwalk" Ben W. calls it). We didn't get much farther than that - as you can probably tell by the expression...

Looking down from the 3rd floor loft into the future living/dining/kitchen areas.

This home-made wooden mallet is nicknamed "The Persuader". Hmmm, think it's a good idea for an 8 yr. old to be wieding such a tool?

Future location of kids' play loft with a future resident therein.

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