Monday, March 20, 2006

Welcome to the Bare Hill Barn House blog!

Hello all-

As some of you may know, Susi and I have been dreaming about building a home for our growing family out of the old "bones" of an antique barn. (My dad is partly to blame for the inspiration of this dream...some of you know what I mean!) After many months of dreaming and planning we have finally embarked on the project. The details of its preliminary stages will follow in additional postings.

This blog is intended first and foremost for our friends and family as a vehicle for sharing updates about the barn house project. However, if you are interested in the project or are thinking about building your own barn house, feel free to visit the site and/or contact me.

This site is BRAND-NEW and will be under construction over the next week or so. Check back periodically if you want to keep in touch with the progress. Enjoy!


Susan B. Leeming said...

I'm excited to be the first to comment, and I'm busting my buttons with happiness for you and Susi. Tell us more! Mom

ned leeming said...

Congratulations! What a thrill to see the barn coming down, headed for a new lease onlife thanks to you and Susi. Your comments brought me rushing back to my youth in Stow and that marvellous barn to which you referred - with all the stimuli you noted, and then some. Will check in regularly.


Tim said...


You and Suzi are an inspiration. I think the barn dream is a great dream, and I'm honored that you're including us all in the process.

Andrea and I spoke about barn living for quite a bit on our trip from Framingham to Annapolis this past weekend. Maybe we're catching the bug?


Ben said...

Thanks for your comments and encouragements everyone! We couldn't be doing this without you!

dave burzillo said...

Ben, I can't imagine that the Natick Mall website is more detailed or complex than your site! The barn project and this blog are both labors or love!

ZA said...


I'm happy for you, and can't wait to see how it all unfolds, and, hopefully, visit you in your snug barn-house very soon!


ZA said...

I LOVE BARNS! I'm really happy for you guys! I will be checking in to see the progress, and hopefully I will get to visit you in your snug barn-home in the not too distant future!

I will be posting garden pictures at some point, and I'll let you know. I'm obsessed with gardening, especially now, as here in Portland, Oregon, we already have a major sap-moving experience taking place!

Thanks for including me in the blogging!


Pinto Westfalen said...

Hello from Australia! Nice blog! Pinto Westfalen

Dad said...

As I think about your frame research and the odd post spacing when considered from the end- drive, ENER's suggestion that the barn was side-drive seems to make real sense. Have you gotten to the point of doing any interior layouts based on framing components? Is the lot wide enough so that you could restore the side-drive appearance by setting the barn at an angle to the street?