Thursday, March 23, 2006

What is "Bare Hill"?

As an historian, I already am itching to research the history of the area in which we are going to build our house. During a preliminary visit to the town hall I located a map dating from 1872 and saw that the name of hill on which our property is located was called "Bare Hill." Evidently the hill, which may be the highest point in town (I'll need to check on that), was at one time "bare" of trees. I can only imagine that it would have served as a look-out hill for generations of native Americans who traveled on the very ancient thoroughfare which is now the major route through the region. This route lies at the foot of Bare Hill today. More on the history in later posts. We have wanted to name our barn for some time, and this one seemed fitting, although I am not wed to the idea. Anyway, it works for now.


Anonymous said...

Hi Ben and Susi:
I'm so excited for you! What a great idea to start up this blog - now I won't have to keep bugging Susi for every detail. The site is beautiful and the history is fascinating. Living in New England is great for historians.

Anonymous said...

When I think of your project I recall raising the house in Harvard back in the 80's- a cold day, beef stew over a fire (right?). . . it was so exciting. Be sure to let us know when it happens- I'll bring the beers!


Eunice Burns said...

Ween, Ben, et al.—

Love the barn, love the land, love the idea, love the blog. Can't wait to keep tabs on the progress. Thanks for including all of us!

Susan (and Mike, too)