Monday, November 12, 2007

Sprinting toward the finish line

7:30-5:30 @ school; 6:00-8:00 w/ family for dinner + bedtime; 8:00-12:00 @ house working till I drop. Are we there yet? No time to write much today, just wanted to get some new pics up for everyone out there. More to come.


jm said...

Looks fantastic!

Anonymous said...

Hi Ben,
you must be working flat out to get you place ready! As I can see there's lots still to be done...You said that you needed a occupancy permit,what is it? Does it mean you cannot move in your own house if it's not "finished"? We don't have this thing over here!
All the best,

Tim said...


Awesome! Hang in there brother! It reminds me of the stories I've been told since I was a kid about my grandfather building his own house while teaching at the Naval Academy and getting his PhD at Catholic U. Not enough hours in the day. However, his great-grandchildren 50 years later smile proudly as they tell their friends that "Mimi's dad built her house!"

That's how it'll be for you someday, too.