Monday, September 10, 2012

more barn board goes up

this project actually pre-dates the one below (master bath) but i just realized i forgot to post it. as i slowly make my way around the bottom floor with the barn board sheathing, that "finished look" creeps further and further around the place. i like it. i think some day i'm going to really really love being "done" with this house. right now work has slowed to a crawl.

master bath completed!

Knocked off the master bath back in June. My LAST TILE JOB! The barn board looks really nice contrasted with the bright white of the walls and ceramic tile. Overall, I am pleased with the project. What I'm not crazy about is the fact that I check off only one or two major projects like this a year. I guess that's because I've got other big projects going on: phd, kids, teaching...