Sunday, December 09, 2007

Sorry for the hiatus: We're In!

Apologies to all my regular readers out there! I am sorry to have abandoned you these past exciting two weeks. I lost both my internet connection and my camera (actually, I know where the camera is -- it's at my in-law's house: Mom & Dad J., can you make a special delivery?) So, the images above were taken by my own mom, Mom L., that is, and emailed to me just today. They date from THREE weeks ago yesterday, the Saturday after Thanksgiving, when we had a big shindig at the site attened by all manner of family and friends. It was a GREAT day: sunny, cold, but the house was transformed into a HOME by the smiling, laughing, happy masses who showed up to help us make the last big push. THANKS TO EVERYONE WHO ATTENDED THAT DAY! We have been so humbled and blessed by the outpouring of help these past couple of weeks. The fact that I am sitting here right now, in a warm house, surrounded by empty and half-empty and as-of-yet-untouched boxes - actually RESIDING here - is a testimony to your help. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. I can't begin to tell you what a relief it is.

Let me back up a bit. After that big work day, we were really getting close. We were still waiting on the final electrical and plumbing inspections before we could call for the final FINAL inspection. And there was still quite a bit to accomplish. The biggest obstacle was just to get the subs HERE to finish the job: the hot water heater had to be installed and wired, the boiler was installed, but had to be wired, and there were a couple of sinks that needed finishing. Then there was a small list of odd tasks for the builder (some of which STILL haven't been finished as of today!) Oh, then there were the Four Red Flags. The building inspector, who has been to the house on a number of occasions, announced the week before we were to call for out final inspection that he had serious issues with four areas: the deck, the metal roof overhang over the exterior stairs, the way the LVLs were bolted together, and the wooden "wing" that projects out from the front facade. He wanted the engineer and architect to sign off that all of there were to code and would not pose a hazard (such as the metal roof blowing off in a storm or the "wing" flying away in a stiff breeze. "No problem," I thought, "The engineer has already looked at all these things and signed off on them - over a YEAR ago!" Silly me. The architect brought these issues back to the engineer and wouldn't you know it, on second thought, maybe there WAS some need of additional reinforcing of the wing and maybe that metal roof DID overhang just a bit too much. To cut the story short: we had to shear off all but 8" of the unsupported metal roof overhang (as I write the steps are freezing up with sleet that would otherwise have been deflected off the stairs by the more generous overhang (#$*&^#*^&@*&!!) and pay a steel fabricator $1500 to make up a steel brace to secure the wing. *sigh*

Friday Nov. 30 at 2:30 the building inspector was scheduled to come for his final inspection. At 2:00 the plumber STILL hadn't arrived to finish up the last details. He showed up at 2:15, the building inspector at 2:30 and the plumbing inspector shortly there after. The long and the short of it was that we passed both inspections (by the skin of our teeth!) and got a temporary certificate of occupancy. Actually, we didn't get the actual certificate, but we passed the inspection...and moved in that night. I am hoping to get my camera back soon (or borrow someone else's) so that I can give you some truly up to date images...More to come!

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