Friday, April 06, 2007

"The egg is in the nest!"

I received word yesterday from Bud that the barn had successfully been delivered to the site with these words: "The egg is in the nest!" And what a fitting analogy it was. How the driver got that 45' long trailer down the street (he must have backed down the whole way) and then onto the site....I wish I had been there. Apparently the College police were there, anyway. It seems as if every time our project requires a large piece of machinery or a truck the police get all worked up. Hopefully they will get used to us and chill out.

This is what our barn looks like at the moment. Charlie and his crew at ENER very carefully repacked the trailer with the restored barn and all the assorted wood (floor planking, old siding, etc.). The frame has been meticulously tagged so that Bud and his crew can put it all back together like a huge Tinker Toy set.
As you can see from this angle, the deck is almost completed. I love this angle because you can really see the elevation of the house site and the kind of views we are going to have - especially from 12-16' up in the air.
Here is the house and site from an angle I haven't shown before. This shot is taken from the train tracks which are at the foot of the hill at the bottom of our property. It is a freight spur that leads from the center of town where there is a freight yard. It is very infrequently used and the trains move at a snail's pace. In the entire year we have owned the property I've seen a train only once. Anyway, the neighbors tell us that when it comes it's never before 9:00 in the morning or after 7:00 in the evening. Not bad!
Getting the trailer OFF of the site might present as many challenges as getting it ON!
These are chunks of the barn floor planking Scot Hanning gave to us as a part of the package. We had them planed on one side by ENER and will use them as flooring for the second story of the new house (the living floor). I hadn't realized how thick they were! What a spectacular floor these sturdy old planks will make.

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