Thursday, December 28, 2006


Sunny and high 40s - as near perfect a day as one could hope for at the end of December. Although scheduled to begin tomorrow, we received a call from our builder (Bud) saying that he was on site with the excavator and ready to begin. We quickly assembled the kids, grabbed a bottle of bubbly (apple juice) and headed over to the site. What a thrill to see the excavator working away, roughing out the footprint of our house.

Being able to break ground this late in the season is near-miraculous when one considers what the weather SHOULD be like at the end of December. The fact that the temps during the days are in the 40s still (and supposed to hit 50 next week) means that we will be able to work all winter long on the house, thereby finishing sooner. This is adds up to considerable savings on our part...IF we can sell our house in this market. If all things go according to plan, we should be pouring the foundation next week and then raising the frame sometime in mid-January...

...Of course, that's a big IF!

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