Tuesday, April 03, 2007

More progress (?) pictures

OK, quick: What's missing from this photo? Yep, you guessed it - the WORKERS! I know the weather is not perfect (cold and rainy, actually) but after a winter of watching and waiting (not to mention making loan payments!) I had kind of hoped that once they got running again, there would be a pretty consistent presence over at the site every day.
I spoke with our builder this evening and asked him for a revised timetable for construction. Basically, we want to know roughly when he thinks we will be able to move into our new home. Since we are trying to sell our current as we speak we kind of need to know what to tell prospective buyers about when the house will be available. I said we really would love to be in by the time our kids head off to school next September. He said he thought that sounded possible...but was reluctant to commit to anything beyond that. I can understand. Building a home is not a science. Still, I wanted to make it clear to him that we have a timetable that we really need to stick to, and that it's more than just about school starting, it's about how long we can AFFORD to exist as we are currently.
Some exciting news: the truck carrying our barn arrives on site tomorrow (sure hope there's someone there to receive it...) Then will begin the process of sorting through its contents and getting the frame ready to be set. Can't wait to see this old frame again! It's been a long while. The last time I saw it standing was almost exactly one year ago. If you'r interested, go back to the blog archives (scroll down and see the right-hand side) for March and April 2006 and review where we were this time last year. Kind of cool.

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Peter said...

My brother purchased a house from someone in a similar new construction conundrum. They arranged that my brother would buy the house, then they would rent it back until their house was completed. Since my brother was on a month to month rent arrangement, he was agreeable.

Their Realtor said this was a common practice in their Lancaster County, PA area.