Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Office Completed (finally!)

I've been working my way around the downstairs these past couple of years, trying to bring major construction to an end...EIGHT YEARS after moving in! This little project called "PhD" has been slowing me down a bit. This summer when I'm not writing I've been finishing the office. First step was emptying it out (no small task):

As you can see from these images, we've been living with the SIPs panels as wall surfacing materials for a while. Once the desks and books and the rest of the junk was moved out, the next task was prepping and painting the ceiling and plaster walls. Next, I built extension jambs around the windows and put up the tar paper so the SIPs wouldn't be viewable through the spaces in between the barn wood when that went up.
Then the barn wood - which I had stacked in the basement after washing it and ripping it into 5" strips a few years ago - began to go up...
And finally baseboard trim, a wooden cap on the sill that surrounds the perimeter of the house on the first floor, and shelves.

Here are some shots of the office after partially moving back in:

 I built these two pine shelving units and mounted them over the desk on the west side of the office. They're part for storing office necessities but also for displaying some of my book collection.
There are still a few additional jobs that need to be done, but I have already begun emptying out the next room (my bedroom) in preparation for the next task. Hope to have that one wrapped up by the end of the summer...along with my dissertation. Crossed fingers.