Friday, August 24, 2007

Wire and concrete

The electrician and his assistant have begun to wire the house. First to go in were all of the boxes that will hold switches and outlets. Then they began to run what must be miles of electrical wire throughout the house. They have also begun to install the recessed lights.

It's beginning to look like a jungle with all the wires dangling everywhere...

Yesterday the cement mixers arrived to pour our basement floor. According to our builder the floor wasn't poured sooner because he wanted to wait until the house above was completely enclosed and watertight - so as to avoid our basement becoming an indoor pool.

But waiting as long as he did posed some challenges, the foremost of which was HOW to get the cement down to the basement floor in the first place! So, as you can see here, the truck took aim and carefully bgan backing up...

...and up...

...until it reached just the right place to drop its load: THROUGH this section of floor that had been ripped up for the occasion.

(According to the builder this had been the plan all along. Either way, it was quite a sight.)

Once in the basement, the cement was distributed to the four corners and then smoothed out. They say we will be able to walk on it in a week. This will be just about when the subs need to begin working down there installing water heaters, electrical boxes, etc.

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