Monday, August 20, 2007

Priming continues...

Recently the workers have had only a periodic presence at the site... Who can say why? I have to keep telling myself that they have other jobs -- and that that's OK. The fact of the matter is that while there IS SOME pressure on them to get the siding up in a timely manner (the next draw is due on its completion) really the tempo is now being set by the subs: the electrician, the plumber, and eventually the sheetrockers and plasterers. Since the subs' work will take them a good three to four weeks, the other guys really are in no hurry. The only problem is that FOR ME this "picking away" pace is MADDENING. I want to see things DONE -- things that I have been looking at for months it seems... There are SO MANY small-ticket items that are like all these loose ends hanging on. (Those who know me know I hate loose ends!) Anyway, they WILL get done -- someday.

As the MDO slowly goes up (emphasis on the "slowly") the house begins to take shape from the outside. I am really loving how it looks. (By the way: Everyone asks why there are splotches of darker gray and lighter gray. The gray is the prime coat -- it's gray b/c this is the tint required for the barn red final coat -- and when I ran out of one batch I had to get more mixed and it turned out a bit darker.

The darker patches that look like vertical lines are this: I spackled over the vertical joints where the sheets of MDO meet. Some places were tight enough that primer alone did the trick. I then sanded the spackle and primed it -- with the darker primer. (Actually, my bro did: thx dude!) When the final coats are on everything will be one even shade of...???

...what? Since the beginning we have thought that the barn house would be painted some shade of red, not necessarily a true barn red, but something that is reminiscent of that color. Anyway, we have been trying out samples of reds, and no one could really agree. AND the house immediately to our left is barn red too. Problematic. So I start putting up the primer and pretty much everyone says, "Hey cool color!" In fact, it really is cool. The pictures don't really do it justice, but it has this kind of bluish tint to it that says "modern" to me. The long and the short of it is that we are now planning on mixing up a gray paint to match the tinted primer.

My baby turned TWO today! Here she is: Dorothy Vader!

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