Wednesday, August 08, 2007

What I've been doing...

So, the summer is flying by and I have begun to feel the advance of the school year and my return to the 9 to 5. Obviously, the house is a good deal behind schedule. This is inevitable. We knew it going into the job; it was the unanimous admonition by all - costs more and takes longer. This is some kind of law of nature: inviolable. Costs more: check (BIG check, many of them). Takes longer: check. So, consequently I have spent a lot of this summer waiting to get working. Since I am responsible for most of the finish work I have been itching for something to do: ANYTHING! Last week I finally got my wish and began working on installing the old barn siding as interior sheathing. Here I am at work...

We have this massive pile of old barn siding: multiple sizes, dimensions, colors, lengths. What I intend to do is use it to sheathe over the OSB (particle board) walls - which are the inside faces of the SIPs panels that insulate our barn.

The learning curve has been pretty steep. Basically I have little experience in finish carpentry. But the guys have been great and have given me the crash course. It has taken about 24 hours of labor, but I really hit my stride just recently and am moving along speedily.

As you can see from these images I am starting with the gable ends because I know that the electrician won't be running any wires up there. (Anywhere there is wiring I will have to come in AFTER the electrician is through.)

Speaking of electricians, I am told that the plummer/HVAC and electrician will begin work next Monday. One always takes these promises with a grain of salt...BIG grain.

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