Tuesday, July 31, 2007


Arriving home (home? - we don't HAVE a home...) after our summer vacation, we were pleased to see that nearly all of the windows had been installed. This is the long narrow window at the end of the downstairs hall. Describing this space for you just doesn't do it justice: it's beautiful. At the end of the long hallway that runs the length of the first floor, the ceiling abruptly shoots up five feet or so underneath the stairs that lead from the second floor to floor 2.5. This window and the light it lets in will accent the height of this space and help draw one's gaze down this otherwise narrow, dark hallway.

The house has been wrapped and strapped, too. As soon as the next draw is made Bud will be ordering the siding - a kind of plywood called MDO (medium density overlay) - which I will then have to prime and paint prior to installation. Also, you can see that the main exterior stairway has been roughed in, allowing us to finally experience entering the building as intended by the architects. Notice how the metal roofing extends out over the stairs on this side. This not only provides protection from the elements but it creates a sheltered feeling that is inviting. Can't wait to see the rest of it go in.

OK, here's a quiz: what's missing from this view? If you have been following the blog, you should be able to pick it out easily. OK, part II: WHY? (Here's a hint: it has to do with the bank...)

The windows on this side really complete the look. We specified the "bronze" finish: real nice. (That's my number 2 down there...)


Peter said...

Wow, doesn't look like a Barn at all from these angles. So modern!

Jessica Kantrowitz said...

I'm so excited!