Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Home Depot's Gonna Own Me

Well, maybe not quite, but this morning's purchace of nearly a thousand bucks worth of bathroom fixtures was a step in that direction. At this point in the game I am actually stopping and carefully reading the promotions for HD credit cards with no interest or payments for 12 months (that's for appliances only, but it might be enough to make me buy them there!)

Let me back up. I am going to say something that I might need to retract in the future, BUT (here it goes) I think (*think*) that work at the site might be shifting into high gear. After the big nine-day absence there is a true flurry of activity going on every day (for the last five days, at least) at the site. Last Thursday when I took my routine drive over to the site what should I see but two cars and three pickup trucks wedged into the site. There were no fewer than six people there working on the house: what a thrill! Since then it has been every day, all day and LOTS of progress. Seriously though, this feels so good.
Leo cutting up the remaining scraps of SIPs to place under the eaves of the roof above him. If you click here you can see what this elevation will look like. There are these long strips of windows that run latitudinally from end to end. Instead of buying SIPs panels that stretched from the sill to the roofline and then cutting out massive amounts of SIPS Bud decided to order shorter lengths and then use scraps to fill in around the window openings - kind of the reverse of the process I previously described.

This shot makes it look like there is nobody on site, but they are all inside: the builder, the forman, the forman's nephew, and the three-man Brazilian crew (of which Leo is the head). Back to the Home Depot story: I purchased two fiberglass shower stall inserts, one tub/shower insert, and one bathtub, rented the HD truck, got some assistance loading everything on it (all those hours of Tetris paying off right here), and made it to the site and back to HD before my 75 minutes ran out. In this shot you can see the fixtures sitting on the ground where we deposited them.

Big achievement today: we got stairs. What a difference it makes to be able to walk up stairs to GO up stairs - no more ladders. The treads are temporary (don't want to mess up the real ones) but nevertheless, this is a nice step (ooo...)

These are the steps up to the third floor loft. Gonna need some serious railings on this one...

This window grouping is going to become the signature of the house. From inside or out, it kind of defines the space. I find it really dramatic and exciting. The light it lets into the interior is fantastic. Can't wait for you to see it in person.

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Jessica Kantrowitz said...

It looks amaaaazing. What's the move in date? I miss you guys!