Monday, July 16, 2007

Now we're rolling

Finally I get to do something other than PLAN: laying out the kitchen. Working from the architects' plans and the IKEA catalog, I very carefully located and then sketched out the cabinets and appliances on the subfloor of the kitchen. When the plumber arrives sometime in the next couple of weeks, he will know exactly where to run his lines.

This is evidence that my hunch was correct: things are really rolling at the site. At this particular moment there were no fewer than eight vehicles jammed onto the site. Ben Walker and his crew have been working feverishly to get all the framing finished up inside the house so that they can vacate the interior and leave it to the subs: electricians, plumbers, etc. Every time I show up at the site Ben has a list of questions and he has been urging me to go over every detail multiple times to be sure we have gotten everything. Some of the tasks they have been finishing up include: framing the stairs, pocket doors, framing in the tubs and showers, finishing up the kids' lofts, final window cuts, and SIPs.

This is our roof being delivered: it consists of sheets of galvanized metal. I am told that they will begin installing it this week. Apparently the subs can't come in until the building is water-tight. That means the roof needs to be on, windows and doors in, and the basement poured. Seems like a lot still to do...

Ben and Tim weighing down the end of the metal sheets as the truck attempts to drive off. I eventually had to jump on, too...had to put down the camera, though.

Bud's dog, Louis (pronounced the French way!).

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