Saturday, January 06, 2007

Pouring the foundation

On Friday temps were in the low 60s...on January 5th! Bud has been moving very quickly to take advantage of the miraculous break in the weather and get the foundation poured. Once it really gets cold the ground freezes and it gets a lot more complicated to pour concrete.

The foundation crew showed up in the morning and began building the forms for the foundation walls on top of the footings which had been poured Weds. They went up very fast. They hauled in the forms on this massive old rig you see in the picture. I was amazed to see that them maneuver this thing onto our tiny lot. The ground isn't exactly hard either. But they managed. Our maple tree on the street side of the property is taking a beating on the lowert branches...

When the cement trucks showed up the fun began. There were at least three of them total - I had to leave before they were done. I think the police have been showing up pretty frequently and bugging the crews about blocking the street, which is pretty narrow. When the second cement truck was on the site and pouring and the first was parked along the road, half on and half off the property, a school bus came down the street; I thought for sure it wouldn't get by. But after a few tries it did.

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