Wednesday, January 17, 2007

More furniture I like (and MIGHT be able to afford)

Some of you were surprised by my recent posts illustrating the kind of chairs I fantasize about. OK, so now that I'm out of the closet about my modernist design leanings (passion? obsession?), I figured I might make another offering of furniture we are considering for our "modern barn-house". (Does that sound oxymoronic? More later on that one.)

Crate & Barrel has an online store (somewhat unfortunately) called "CB2" which targets the "cool, hip, urban/modern" crowd - aren't we cool? Anyway, I like the lines of this sofa. Not sure where we would place it - probably nowhere. Didn't I say that we were going with two lounge chairs vs. the whole sofa thing?

Above is Walmart's (YES! Walmart's!) "Bentwood Egg Chair" and it costs a mere $34.72. End of story. Great modern look. Below is a similar, slightly more expensive (and probably better quality) chair, this time from White on White ($175.00):

This has to be one of the most comfortable chairs I have ever sat in: IKEA's Lunna (below). The price makes a believer out of me - $149.00.

Since we are back onto chairs (I really DO have a thing for chairs...), try on IKEA's Patrik ($129.00) for size:

Since we are talking affordable for the average guy, why NOT check out (Heck, we've already sold our souls and looked at Walmart!). I liked the "Milano Combo" (sounds like a sandwich, tho') for $254.00. Does that sound pricey for Target? Hmmm...

OK, I'm not sure this belongs in the "might be able to afford" category, but I just love BluDot's Modulicious storage systems. Just the 4x4 unit costs $779-899 from 2Modern. I love the whole "design for the masses" B.S. that these sites tout!

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"Design for the masses" my foot! I couldn't agree more. I wrote a similar post about Design Within Reach: