Thursday, January 04, 2007

Chairs I like AND can afford (sort of).


One glance reveals this chair's debt to Pierre Paulin's 1960 "Orange Slice Chair" (see the previous post). No matter. Similar styling - very different price. This one can be yours (or mine!) for a mere $500 from White on White. It's called the "Nico Chair" and comes also in black.

This is IKEA's "Patrik Chair" and it sells for $129.00. Perhaps an even more distant relative of the "Orange Slide Chair" and probably not as comfortable, but still a great looking modern chair, suitable for most any room in the house. Probably not for "lounge seating" where comfort will be a more significant factor.

This is White on White's "C-44" leather chair. It looks to me like a kinder, gentler Barcelona Chair. The price is kinder and gentler, too, at $550.00. I haven't sat in it yet, but it looks comfortable not to mention very mod.

IKEA's "Arild" armchair has a nice modern look. Leather is not my favorite choice of seat covering, though. This chair sells for $559.00.

So, what is the difference between a $699.00 Barcelona Chair and a $3499.00 Barcelona Chair? Answer: an ego as big as one's budget. OR, precisely $2800.00. Well, I have neither the ego nor the budget, so the Alphaville Design reroduction from Sleek Spaces will have to do!

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