Saturday, January 06, 2007

More foundation pics

The kids and I drove over to the site this evening on our way home from a beautiful spring-like afternoon at the park. The forms had been removed and the foundation was standing there in the waning light - virtually complete. All that remains is to pour the cellar floor, which I hope will be done Monday or Tuesday.

That's our basement! Hard to believe. Looks like we made it (with a little help from the big Weatherman in the Sky)!


virginia a jacobsen said...

Dear Ben and Susi;

Wow! You can almost see the house now that the foundation is in! Congratulations! Concrete can be so beautiful...Great pictures!

Can you believe the weather today?! We walked over to the playground in the Square in our short sleave t-shirts! It's kind of scary though.

Congratulations again on your foundation.


Ana-Maria Leeming said...

That is so awsome! I can't believe it's taking shape so quickly. I am so happy for you guys and I really can't wait to see the next steps. You know, despite my random comments and maybe even lack of, I am on your blog a lot and think it's a great idea that you did this. This way we're there with you...well, kinda'.

Congrats troop Leeming.