Thursday, September 21, 2006

The Evolution of an Elevation, Pt. III

All renerings ©Jasonoah Design Build

Our architect sent us this colored version of the then-most-recent elevations; it's nothing more than a black and white print-out filled in with colored pencil, but what a DIFFERENCE color makes. What you can see nicely here is the coloration of the MDO paneling (more on that later) and the way it's smooth texture contrasts with the roughness of the weathered barn sheathing. I look to these drawings as being an important step (for me) toward embracing these elevations.

I like the height of the west end of the house. Whether or not we will be able to afford the retaining wall remains to be seen, however. Notice how the old barn sheathing has been raised out just a bit from the side of the house and the way this creates an interesting play of light and shadow. Maybe you can see this, maybe not, but these new elevations are less staid than the first ones. The slight asymmetry and shifting of panels sets up almost a sense of movement in the geometry of the design. The "box" has been broken...or set free?

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