Thursday, December 20, 2007

Updates come as slowly as the updates

Don't get me wrong, no complaints here, but since we have moved into The Project, projects have s..l..o..w..e..d d..o..w..n q..u..i..t..e.. a.. b..i..t... This is partly an apology for being so remiss in updating the blog, partly an expression of the frustration I feel at not being able to focus on *finishing* The Project. (Anyone remember A's famous line, "Just workin' on my project"? Yeah, well, this is MY project.) Anyway, here are some newer pics of the place:

"A Barn in the Snow"...kind of looks like a Normal Rockwell for the 21st century. The very first snowfall revealed the more unsavory side of the picturesque image you see here: getting out of our "driveway". Basically: we can't. Due to the slope (away from the road) and the surface of the parking space (gravel) we have had a very difficult time getting out in these snowy and icy conditions. Lots of spinning tires and sand...

The town wanted a more clearly visible number on the house so I found these cool "modern" ones. Nice!

This is the steel brace we had fabricated at the town's insistence. In the end thought, I think it looks great and fits with the whole program.

The kids' loft is a MESS - we still need to set up all our organizers - but the kids have moved in and seem to love the space. I do too. It is really cozy and warm and makes a great place to sit and correct exams. We all curled up in front of the TV and watched "Christmas Story" last week up in the loft. It was great.

You can see I have finished setting up the IKEA cabinets that are going to become our bench seat in the living room. This was our architect's solution to inexpensive bench seating: take five IKEA wall cabinets, set them on their side on a base, build in some structural supports, and then cover with cushions. It was easy to do, cheap (realtively speaking) and will tie together visually the kitchen and dining and living areas of the upstairs.

Our view. I am aware of this every day, due to the brilliant siting of the house. The view has become part of the whole experience of this house. I can't begin to explain how much I love it.

Stay tuned for an announcement of the "Big House Warming Party". We are leaning towards holding it soon after the New Year.

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Tim Davis said...

Ben, you did a wonderful job on your barn. I've basically done the same with mine although mine is rustic on the interior and I'm still working on the exterior.

I've started a Message Board for those considering converting a barn and would love to have you join us as one of the resident professionals.

The URL is

Tim Davis
pastor / home designer / chaplain