Friday, December 28, 2007

First Christmas + some misc. house shots

The boys opening the large climbing holds we bought for their bedroom loft. Since theirs is the larger (taller) of the lofts, there is a good 6-7' of wall space with soft carpet below - bolt on a few holds and voila, your very own climbing gym.

The all-important simultaneous open... snuggle blankets! (Immediately test-driven, of course.)

The big surprise gift: Playstation. (Yes, I know, hard to believe we actually bought a game system...more on that decision later.)

The on-going battle against incompletion: finishing up laying the tile in the entry/back hall/mud room.

Looks just as good here as it does in the kitchen. There's still a lot of tile left over...where else can I use this?

Our closet, courtesy of IKEA again. This is the STOLMEN closet system and it looks and work great. As you can see, it's a work in progress (like the rest of our lives...)

A view of the master bath. ("Master" is a bit misleading: it's tiny. But we DO have a separate tub and shower. Now that's luxury.

The kids' water closet. Love the tile (my WIFE'S choice, like all the tile in the house!)

The hallway sink outside the kids' water closet and separate shower room.

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