Sunday, December 23, 2007

'Tis the season

This came as a surprise. Having a metal roof I had always thought meant the snow would regularly shed itself and stay pretty much "clean" all winter. Well, I guess that depends on the snow you get and the weather, too. The first snowstorm we got brought about a foot of very light, fluffy snow and it DID shed regularly and DRAMATICALLY: on one occasion the entire south side of the roof shed all at once. I happened to witness it from inside. For a long three seconds all I could see outside the upstairs windows was white. It was like being underneath a waterfall. Cool. (I DID stop to ponder the idea of our kids being caught underneath such an event...)

However, subsequent snowfalls have been heavier, wetter snow and there has been ZERO sunshine. As a result we have seen the development of these slow moving roof glaciers which creep imperceptibly down the roof and then break off all at once like caving icebergs.

On a couple of occasions the overhanging snow has grown so long that it actually covers the windows completely, as you can see above. Cool in a way, but I kind of wonder if it's supposed to work this way. Anyone out there have any experience with metal roofs and this kind of snow build-up?

The fireplace has been running regularly and enjoyed by all. Now that we have living room furniture (a rug and two cozy armchairs) this space is a lot more welcoming.

We decided to have our annual caroling party this year, even though the house is not as "ready" for showing off as we would have liked. Ready ENOUGH! So we had four other families over (15 kids!) and christened the new house with the first party. It was great. The fire was roaring, good music playing, lights lit, and great food.

Our diningroom table opens up to accomodate ten - this was the first time we used it for so many. The kids ate upstairs...The one drawback (for me, anyway) of this wonderful new home is that its open plan means that you are never far away from the din of happy kids - which, lest I sound like a total scrooge, is not a BAD thing when you have three or four of them around, but FIFTEEN...

Opening presents with my brother and sister-in-law. We passed a truly wonderful afternoon together lounding in front of the fire, visiting, napping, talking. Great day - and one of the best parts of the holidays.

Yes, that's my niece inside that belly!


Peter said...

Snowgaurds would be an option. These are clips that are attached to the roof. They actually hold the snow or ice in place and let the melting happen slowly. It's particularly important over walkways and entrances.

Anonymous said...

Hi Ben,
It's nice to see your Barn nearly done!It feels very welcoming and warm,well from the inside!
Well done,you did it!!!
Merry Christmas(a little late) and a happy new year to all...

Jessica Kantrowitz said...

The whole thing's just so damned beautiful. I wish I were there with you. And now, having trotted out my subjunctive, I will use the future perfect tense to say: The future will be perfect when I am there with you.

In the meantime I am mentally inserting myself into the picture with the kids in front of the fireplace. (I am wearing red pajamas, just so's you know).