Sunday, November 04, 2007

Grown-man's Treehouse

When I was a kid a neighbor had this *amazing* treehouse: multiple stories and a view that, at the time, seemed like it went for miles. I guess I have always wanted a tree house of my own -- and now I do! When I asked our architect Noah of Jasonoah Design Build to sketch up some ideas for a deck, I knew I would not get something "typical". That, of course, was the whole idea. If you have been a long-time reader, you may recall those plans (if not, click here.)

As I wrote earlier, budgetary restrictions (what budget?!?) forced us to use materials that were not what we ideally wanted: witness the stair risers made of primed trimboard and the pressure treated lumber. Sigh. I had envisioned mahogany to match the front stairs and wire cable railings, etc. Perhaps some day.

It was fun to watch the builders take off the temporary braces (which were perpendicular to the ground) and add in these diagonal braces. They have been incredulous all along about this design (probably because they have never built a treehouse!). They just shook their heads and smiled...a pretty common reaction at our site...But you can't deny: it looks SO COOL!

We initially had planned NOT to build the deck this round because we just didn't think we could afford it. Actually, that part has not changed - we STILL can't afford it (thank God for generous credit card companies!) We didn't even have a door planned for the second floor location you see here, just a tall window roughly the size and shape of a door which we would put in later. But the town said that we had to have another egress from the second floor, and in an instant we were forced to confront another major expense. The choice was between putting in just a small landing and a staircase to the ground or build the whole thing. It just seemed to make sense to go all the way. So, here we are.

(Be sure to click on this to enlarge) The addition of the treehouse deck will enhance the entire living experience of our new house. With the living spaces on the *second* floor and no way to quickly access the outside my fear was that we might feel somewhat "trapped". The addition of the treehouse deck means that we can enjoy dinners outside (which we like to do pretty much every night in good weather), parties will have a place to expand, and SOMEDAY I will have a quiet place to take coffee on the weekend...

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Skymosher said...

Gorgeous! There's something wonderful about outdorr space and it really does add to whole feeling of the house.