Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Deck proposal, v. 1.0

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The officials at the building department called our architects the other day and told them that we were not in compliance with building codes with regard to the number of egresses from the building. As it turns out, code requires two egresses from the main living floor of any house in town. We HAD two egresses from the "first floor", but as those of you who have been following this blog and know the design of our house, the main living floor is actually on the SECOND floor. So, the long and the short of it is that we had to add a second door on the second floor...which means we needed a second set of stairs...and since we were going to have to go ahead and pay for a second set of stairs down the back side of the house...we figured we might as well consider moving the plans for the deck up in the order of sequence. What you see here is our architect's first stab at that deck.
Way back when, we had mentioned to Noah (of Jasonoah Design) that we wanted a deck off the back of the house SOMEDAY (we figured we couldn't afford it right away...which still could be true) and they, of course, came up with some really cool ideas for a kind of deck that would "fit" the house and take maximum advantage of the topography of the site. Instead of simply tacking on a rectangular deck along the back side of the house, they invisioned one that was detached from the house, perhaps built onto one of the large trees just off the back, and connected to the house with some kind of bridge or catwalk. Well, sadly, we won't be able to keep the one tree that this might possibly have worked with - not to mention the finiancial piece. So, Noah came up with this modified design. As you can see from the images above, the deck still does not "stick" to the back of the house, but juts out at an angle. What you really can't see from this illustration is that it will really be dramatic in the way it thrusts out literally into the trees and over the dropoff. Standing in that corner will be kind of like standing on the prow of a ship. Another beautiful design from Jasonoah!

Now if we can just PAY for it....

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