Friday, September 07, 2007

Getting there...

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I am through priming, spackling, caulking, sanding, and painting three and a half of the four sides of the house: just finished the front this evening. I am very pleased with how it's looking. I have to say, it's better than I had imagined. Can't wait till the pump jacks come down... the way, I do NOT like standing up there reaching for the highest points on the soffit and trim. Those things wiggle and jiggle way too much for my liking and the builder never put up the back braces so you really feel like you're hanging out there. I still have to finish painting the trim, but I may opt for the 40' ladder instead. Not sure which is better.

One of the neighors stopped by this evening while I was painting. Very curious. No one really knows quite what to make of it. Most people think the MDO is not the final siding and that we are going to continue with the barn board right across the rest of the house. I am getting better at giving my response, but it's a sell most of the time. According to the neighbor, there are a LOT of people who are ...curious...and eager to see where this goes. Pretty much every car that goes by slows down -- I would love to hear what they are saying!!! Nevertheless I am very proud of this creation; I like the fact that she's a head-turner and a conversation starter. When we are finally in I think we'll have an open house for the neighbors so that they can see what the inside looks like. That'll be fun...

The other question everyone seems to ask is: when will it be done? WOULD'T I LOVE TO KNOW!!! The builder surprised me the other day by saying "by the end of the month" -- a seemingly audacious claim given the state of the place and the "speed" with which work progresses. But the basic breakdown looks like this:

- between one to two weeks 'till rough inspection (plumbing, heating, electrical)
- another few days before the insulation inspection
- sheetrockers and plasterers: one week or so
- finish work: floors, cabinets, appliances, etc. (maybe a couple of weeks?)

total: 4-6 weeks????

Pray for glitch-free progress!


Anonymous said...

Benny -

We're at the Specters for dinner and we logged onto your blog to show them your progress...they are so impressed!!! We are so impressed!!! We love the addition of the old barn boards...awesome! By the way, we voted you in on October 20th.

Love to you all, Ana (Lex, Joe and Kate).

Anonymous said...

Wow, you've really got an interesting project here. Looks like it will be a great finished product! Just one question - sorry if it was covered in a previous post that I missed - was there any particular reason you went with a design firm that does not do computer generated, 3D architectural rendering?

Again, looks great. Good luck in the final stages!