Saturday, June 16, 2007

The latest...

The crew began laying out the "footprint" of the rooms on the first floor (in the next post I will upload images of the now-framed in walls themselves). After laying out and nailing down this footprint, they will begin framing the walls themselves and then standing them up on top of this base (reasons for this in a later post).

I like this view. It's taken standing at the bottom of the basement stairs looking up two stories to the underside of the 3rd floor loft. Once the stairs from floor one to two are in, this view will be lost. I am aware of the fact that at each stage of the process there are views - wonderful views - which are available for only a fleeting moment, only to be covered up in plywood, sheetrock, and plaster.

These guys don't look hurried, do they? Sometimes I wonder what they DO all day... (for a clue, scroll down to the third picture on the post dated Thursday May 24.)

It is exciting to see the antique floor begin going down upstairs. This is the old barn planking that we bought along with the barn over a year ago now. Scot Hanning pulled it out of another barn somewhere in Maine. It's pine (soft - not great), thick (1 1/2" - great!), and full of beautiful variations in color, width, and character. I requested that it be blind-nailed so you get a really nice clean look. Once it is cleaned, sanded, and finished, it will be stunning (already is, I think).

You get a good sense of the age and color of the flooring in this shot. What appear to be black "stains" are just that: places where old nails used to live.

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Bill said...

Ben - It's really fun to watch you barn come together. I'm trying to get a sense of the setting and neighborhood. In some photos I see houses in the background. Is there a post that shows your surroundings? How big is the lot? What types of houses surround you? Etc. Just curious! - Bill