Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Resources: Maine Antique Structures

This project would not have been possible without Scot Hanning of Maine Antique Structures. Based on a recommendation that I knew I could trust, I got in touch with Scot earlier this year to begin the process of locating a barn suitable to our needs. Scot is one of the most hard-working, knowledgeable, and trustworthy men I have ever had the pleasure of meeting. His plain-dealing Maine sensibility made working with him straightforward and predictable, and his vast experience with old barns gave me the peace of mind I needed take the leap into this project. Scot delivers on what he promises, and he is fair. I cannot recommend him highly enough. If you are reading this and are in the market for a barn frame or any antique building materials (such as timbers, board, planking, glass, even granite) Scot is well worth contacting. Post a comment here and I will contact you with his information. Thanks Scot!

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Anonymous said...

Maybe he is fair if selling you materials. However, ask him how "fair" he is and how loyally he "delivers on what he promises" when taking down someone's barn, which in many cases is a part of a family's history. After making a deal to tear down my barn--no money would exchange hands but he would leave a clean site, ready to be seeded--he was much less than fair. He tore down the barn, took what he wanted from it, and left a pile of rubble in my yard. It has been more than a year, and I am still waiting for him to come clean up the mess he left. He has begun taking down my neighbor's barn, just up the road. He could easily stop by to deal with the mess he left but has not done so. Fair? Honest? Trustworthy? Not in my opinion!