Saturday, April 08, 2006

Resources: Barn House Links

Below are links that anyone interested in researching and/or building a barn house should have. I have annotated the list to give some explanation based on my own experience, if any, with the site.

The Barn People
Ken Epworth at the Barn People has been converting beautiful old New England barns into homes for at least 25 years. Along with Endersby and Greenwood at the New Jersey Barn Co. (see Barn House Bibliography) The Barn People have been doing this for a living longer than anyone else I have encountered. The website is BEAUTIFUL and loaded with resources. A definite "must visit" for those interested in this kind of project.

East Coast Barn Builders
ECBB is another company that specializes in converting barns into homes. Many of the barns featured on their site reveal that their typical clientelle are rather well-off. Taking huge old barns and converting them into lavish ski houses out west seems to be pretty popular among those who have...Still, some great photos on this site and a good resource.

Shelter Kit Incorporated
To some the notion of a "kit" and "new construction" may seem anathema, however this is a more affordable option that will result in a living space that is at least inspired by the open spaces of a barn. A new barn is an option that should not be ruled out until one is certain that one can afford the antique barn frame (not sure I'm there yet...)

Benedict Antique Lumber and Stone
These folks inventory old barns and sell them to customers who want to turn them into homes or...barns! Some beautiful barn frames here. An eastern PA company.

Heritage Restorations
This is a Texas company. The costs associated with shipping and erecting a barn from the other side of the country may be prohibitive for some, and if you are a purist, you will want to choose a barn that is from the region where you will be re-erecting it, but this is a site loaded with some beautiful images. A good place to educate yourself on what restored and converted barns look like.

Yankee Barn
Another company specializing in new barn home construction. An excellent site from a well-known and respected New England company.

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