Sunday, May 13, 2007

Third floor loft

When I climbed up to check out the third floor loft, I immediately realized that there was a problem. Standing under the loft, in the space that will someday be the back hallway, mudroom, and guest bathroom, it was apparent that the ceiling height was way too low. So I got out the tape measure to check...6'10". Yeah, that's pretty low. So I called Bud, he checked the plans, spoke with his guy on the job (Ben Walker) and they all agreed they had done just what the plans indicated....and concurred that it was too low as well. The nice thing is that we caught this in time and they can jack up the LVLs that support the loft floor a few inches to give us something a little more standard. All the ceilings in the house will be pretty low by modern day standards - with the exeption of the second floor which is open to the rafters. This is one of the results of trying to fit in two full floors in a building that was built for cows and hay. It's going to be great either way.

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Jessica Kantrowitz said...

Wow, it looks amazing. So cool.